Yetanya Francis was laid to rest today and we are still no closer to getting any justice for her.

There have been no arrests made by the police because no one has come forward with any information.

All of a sudden, everyone is deaf, dumb and blind. It is no secret that the killer/killers are known by those in the community. News travels quickly in Jamaica but hearsay cannot go to court.

We need witnesses to come forward and that is a huge ask from a culture where we are reminded that “informa fi dead”.

Anyone who does come forward to help get the people responsible for the death of Yetanya Francis will have to make a tough decision.

A lot of people can sit comfortably in their homes and say they would do it but Trench Town is called the ‘Concrete Jungle’ for a reason.

The Police are not known for protecting witnesses indefinitely, there are only so many places on the witness protection programme and who really wants to run away and start a new life?

This case highlights why we need a greater move towards DNA and forensic driven cases. Witnesses can be intimidated, they can be killed and they can also lie.

What are your thoughts on this case?


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