The video of Buju Banton testing coke has been released. The footage shows “Gargamel” putting the substance in his mouth and tasting it.

Jamaicans run on feelings, not on facts

Here is the video so you can watch it yourself.

Luckily for Buju, his fans do not care about facts. This video will not change anything, he will still be hailed as the super righteous Rasta Man that is being set up and oppressed by “the system”.

He will continue to be free from blame and will remain the poster child of injustice.

Gargamel is a legend but he is a fraud

Over here on Kijana Waasi, we tell it like it is, simple as that. What was this Rasta Man doing in a situation like that?

He clearly went there to do business. He was not out of his element, he was not under duress.

This is the man who said, “I Buju may not be familiar with how the country run, but why them fighting sensimillia and making way for coke to come”.

Most of these super righteous musicians are frauds, simple as that. In real life, they are just as corrupt and criminal as the “pagans” they look down on.

I don’t care if you’re upset that your deejay is being called out, Buju Banton is a fraud Rasta.

I love Buju’s music too! Voice of Jamaica is in my top 5 albums of all time. That doesn’t mean that I am a blind fool who ignores clear evidence when it is presented.

The people who still claim Gargamel is innocent are the same fools who back their corrupt politicians even when they have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Tribalist simpletons who cannot see the forest for the trees. Gargamel is a legendary musician, fact. He is also a super hypocrite, fact. He bashed coke for years and denounced its destructive nature.

This did not stop him from trying to profit from it. He is just another in a long line of frauds who disguise themselves as righteous saints who hold a monopoly on virtue.

He doesn’t put meat in his mouth but he is happy to taste cocaine

“Rasta Man doesn’t eat meat”, that is well-known law. So why was he so happy to put cocaine in his mouth? Is meat worse? this whole thing is laughable and exposes the fraudulent nature of these self-anointed holy men.

Don’t worry Buju, you will be greeted like a hero on your return to Jamaica. Nobody cares about this article or this video.

As far as your sheep are concerned, their shepherd was set up and framed. FREEDOM is a must LOL


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