Drake in blackface
Drake in blackface

Drake is at the centre of a new scandal as pics of him dressed in blackface has resurfaced. Pusha T released a response to Drake’s diss song “Duppy” called ” The story of Adidon”.

The art cover for the album showed Drake in blackface, looking like a character from an old racist film.

At first, it seemed like a photoshop but soon after it was discovered that the image is real. Drake took the photos years ago when he was much younger but this will not come as comfort to some of his fans.

As a mix-race Jewish Canadian, he has always had identity issues. Many have questioned whether he should even be allowed to use the “N word”.

Still he has been largely accepted by the culture but this has put that into jeopardy. The photos look clownish and serve no real purpose.

Why would Drake take photos like this is the natural question? This one deserves a response from “Drizzy” as it cannot be brushed under the carpet.

He will have a sub set of fans who do not care because they are not offended by this. They might even find it funny.

He does owe his black fans a statement clarifying what he was doing taking these ridiculous photos in the first place.


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