Let’s be realistic, alot of us want to lose weight. When people think health and fitness, they naturally think about running. They imagine the runner going for long and endurance testing workouts as this is the only way to lose weight and be healthy. This is false. The fact is, running can actually be counterproductive especially for people who were not previously living active lifestyles.
Alot of people see an ad for the latest and greatest pair of running shoes and buy it with the intention to set off on their journey of fitness. What usually happens is they set off on their first run, get injured from the shock their body is now under and then give up on fitness completely.

running can actually be counterproductive especially for people who were not previously living active lifestyles

The initial run isn’t the problem, its the next day when your legs feel like they have been run over by a Range Rover. When you try and get up you feel like a 50-year-old and now your ankle is killing you. You tell yourself that as soon as the pain stops, you are back out there but the reality is often different. The results you are looking for can be achieved without having a Kenyan marathon runner genetics. Fitness should not be a hindrance in your life, it should be this huge task that requires you to do mental yoga before you can get over the impending pain and suffering that lies ahead.

Fitness should not be a nuisance in your life

The answer to your problems is something that comes naturally to you since you were a child, walking. Walking is the most underrated fitness weapon ever, mainly because companies and the media don’t promote it. It simply isn’t as profitable as its more exotic brother running. There aren’t enough products that can be marketed to someone for walking as there are with running. It really can be just as effective while saving you lots of money in your pocket. The key to any success is setting and achieving goals when you want to lose weight it’s not different. No point just walking around in circles and not knowing how much steps or distance you are covering.

This makes products like step trackers invaluable, I have an old Samsung gear watch that tracks my steps but they are a bit hard to find these days. It is also limited in terms of data it collects, so I have to step the game up to one of theseĀ Fitbit Watch

Now I can not only see how far and long I am walking but I also have a stylish piece of accessory on my arm to go with my outfit. I really don’t know why no one thought of this 20 years ago as it seems so simple. I set myself a goal of 12,000 steps a day as this burns enough calories that would be equivalent to old running sessions. 10,000 steps or anything close to that is good for a beginner but don’t worry too much about a number of steps for now. Just go out there and WALK, next time you are going to the store don’t drive, talk and walk and get those heart muscles working. You will see a drastic improvement in your mood and health, I can assure you.

P.S don’t walk to KFC and order the 10 piece meal haha remember diet is important in fitness too, maybe even more important than the workout itself.


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