oscar de la hoya sex tape
oscar de la hoya sex tape

He has done it again. Oscar De La Hoya is back in the headlines for his bedroom antics and is now in another sex tape drama.

He was caught on camera by two women who recorded him performing sex acts with kitchen utensils and toys. It seems Oscar is a certified freak out in these streets.

The two women tried to extort Oscar De La Hoya with this sex tape for $2 million. He refused and decided to report the blackmail to the FBI who are now investigating.

Oscar has been in this position before. Some of you may remember when the former boxing world champion was caught in fishnets and tights.

oscar de la hoya sextape

The previous incident was quickly swept under the carpet and treated like a mistake. It seems he slipped and fell into those fishnets and women underwear.

Oscar must be going through a bad time right now as his big money rematch fight between his fighter Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin was cancelled. Canelo was caught taking performance enhancing drugs in one of the biggest scandals in boxing recently.

Now he has found himself caught up with two “Instagram models”. He was allegedly having adult fun time with the women and decided to get the kitchen involved. Now I don’t know what utensils he was using but judging by Oscar’s history it could be anything.

The video will likely not get out now

Now that the FBI is involved, the video is unlikely to appear in the public. This sex tape would need Oscar De La Hoya’s permission before it can be legally aired.

Although the real question is, which utensils were Oscar molesting? was it the turkey baster? the rolling pin? whatever it was, Oscar De La Hoya deserves credit for managing to top the fishnet scandal. let’s wait and see if the boxing industry gloss over this sex tape like the fish net pictures.



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