Dancehall Shenseea and her team had a near-death experience when a drunk driver crashed into their vehicle in St Maarten.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night when a drunk driver crossed into the opposite lane and crashed head-on into the vehicle that was carrying the Romeich Entertainment artiste and her crew.

Shenseea received injuries to her head and neck as a result of the whiplash effect.

Other members of the team suffered injuries but none are considered to be life-threatening.

She took to her Instagram account to inform her fans of the incident and give God thanks that it wasn’t worse. She also mentioned that she was grateful for the fact that she will get a chance to go home and see her son again.

The accident seems to have given Shenseea a rude awakening to just how fast things can change in life. Everyone knows they can die but not until you experience a near death situation does it truly dawn on you just how easy it is to cease existing.

Thankfully everyone walked away from the incident alive. Drunk driving remains a serious issue and no matter how often people are warned they continue to do it.

Everyone thinks they are stronger than alcohol and they are different until they crash into someone’s vehicle and kill innocent passengers.

We can only hope St Maarten has strict laws against drink driving and the culprit is punished severely.

Drunk drivers are some of the biggest idiots alive, I don’t care who wants to get upset. If you are the type to drink an intoxicating product like alcohol and then drive a car afterwards then yes that includes you too.

Cars have accidents when people are sober and awake, imagine when alcohol and tiredness are added to the picture? that is a recipe for disaster.


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