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Video Of 5 Year Old Being Abused Is From Trinidad, Not Jamaica

There is a disturbing video being circulated on social media of a 5-year-old being forced to perform a sexual act on a grown man....

Ninja Man Found Guilty, 3 Questions That Need To Be Answered

Well the original front teeth, gold teeth Don Gargon, Ninja Man has been found guilty on the charge of murder. Of course, with a...

Police Shoot Man In Spalding After being Attacked

The residents of Spalding were sent running to dodge bullets after a Police man opened fire on a man who pushed him...

Jamaica’s Police Get 100 New Cars To Mash Up

The Jamaica Constabulary Force are jumping for joy after receiving 100 new cars to mash up like they did all the previous ones. Police...

Chinese Shopkeeper Slaps Jamaican Student In The Face

What is your take on this situation? obviously, we don't have the facts yet but it seems the shopkeeper is accusing the girl of...

MP Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield Stabbed To Death In His Home

MP for East Portland Dr Lynvale Bloomfield (PNP) is dead. He was found stabbed to death in his home Saturday morning.

Gym Instructor Shot And Killed Outside Fit Farm Gym

A trainer at the popular Fit Farm gym was gunned down early this morning(13/02/2019) outside the premises. The shooting...
trelawny accident

Three People Killed In Trelawny Car Accident As Car Bursts Into Flames

Monday afternoon the local residents were treated to some shocking scenes as an accident in Trelawny between a taxi and a private vehicle saw...

Simone Collymore’s Funeral Highlights

Here are a few highlights from Simone Collymore's funeral. It is clear this lady was well loved and her death has left a bad...

Omar Collymore Has Been Arrested In St Elizabeth

breaking news Omar Collymore has been arrested in St. Elizabeth this morning. He recently had a warrant for his arrest put out by the Jamaica...

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